“The conductor of an orchestra does not make a sound. He depends, for his power, on his ability to make other people powerful.”

— Benjamin Zander



Vienna, Austria

Who designed Maestromair.com?

I had been thinking about creating a website for a long time. Now, after 13 years of varied musical activities I finally decided to make it happen and bring it onto the web. Through this new platform I want to keep my audience up to date. Besides the information about upcoming concerts I will be publishing excerpts of concerts and discussing music-related topics in my blog.

The design and structure are particularly important for a website and even more for an artist. I am very happy I got to know someone exceptional in design, as a photographer and as an architect. Santiago Vásquez has created a wonderful work of art that, thanks to the perfectionism in every detail, has far exceeded my expectations. The innovative graphics, animations, selection of images and the clear layout indicate a very creative spirit – a real outstanding talent. 

The photo shootings for my portrait-gallery show the distinctive sense of capturing the personality, the moment and the emotion. His editing of the concert and rehearsal photos brought them into a new level and became a composition by themselves. His very personal signature can be seen across the entire website. 

On his professional website BIUTI, you will find even more inspiration through his great work! www.buiti.me

Instagram: biuti.me

Thanks to Santiago Vásquez for the extensive work and amazing results!